Employment Trends Post COVID 19

Employment Trends Post COVID 19


With every recession, there is a lot of challenges, which can make it difficult for the industry to survive. With the global recession caused by COVID 19, there will be a fundamental change in the way people look and approach work. This will play as a catalyst for people who are trying to reform and restructure their workings to transform into the realities which can help them emerge victoriously. There are a few changes that the industry will and we have listed them out for you.


Agility is a single biggest reason why many organizations are trying to work their way through this crisis. Agility allows the organization to work quickly and adapt to the change. This includes quick changes by the organization, leadership role, communication and the partner ecosystem. This is a step which requires working proactively. This further brings efficiency and optimism to help create an impact which helps them prosper.


Digital transformation is aimed at creating holistic capabilities to help lean into the possibilities of the new age. This helps serve customers better while evolving with the business. With the right changes, there will be a significant change in the products, processes and services. This also paves the way for the cloud, big data, AI, IoT, which can create a new wave of customer behaviour.

Work from home

One of the main ways we have seen a potential stop to the crisis is with the work from home culture. This is one way people have achieved a lot without a lot of damage. Social distancing is one of the main foundations which paved the way for the country to keep its citizens safe. With the spread of the deadly virus, social distancing is a safe bet which will help you tabs on each and every individual of the organizations.

Work from home

Additionally, there is a cut down on the travel time. On average it is said that a working person will take two hours just for travelling from home to work and back. Working from home cuts, the save time in half and can also help you avoid almost 600 hours of travel time in just a month. Every office no matter big or small, can potentially save 50% and above on the office occupancy, which is a sizeable chunk.

Also, the leading cause of greenhouse emissions is due to the daily commute, which is caused by rail and road transportations. This can be the reason for many respiratory illnesses and also be the reason for wasting your hard-earned money on healthcare. With this culture, there is a possibility of the industry sector to gain leverage opportunities to help create larger employment opportunities.

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