Employment tribunals are often complicated matters so it is imperative that you obtain advice from a qualified legal professional. The dynamic and forward thinking solicitors at MLS Commercial can offer you a range of tailor designed solutions in order to help your business avoid being taken to a tribunal.

It is essential that you make sure your policies and procedures are legally compliant so that you offer your business the maximum amount of protection from potential employee claims. In the event one of your employees does take you to a tribunal, you will need a solicitor to provide you with a proactive legal service so that the most favourable outcome is achieved.

Michael Lewin Solicitors can provide you with expert advice and legal representation so that you have peace of mind and you can get on with the day to day running of your business in the event a tribunal is involved in a dispute with one of your employees. Via correct and stringent investigation, Michael Lewin Solicitors will gather then necessary facts and details about your case before methodologically presenting your side compellingly – we will work hard to ensure the result is in your favour.

If you are facing a tribunal, your business could be at risk. Contact one of the employment law solicitors from MLS Commercial today if you would like to find more about the employment law services we are able to offer businesses in the UK.