Disciplinary Actions

It is extremely important that a business owner is well prepared for possible future events involving employees by having in place a good disciplinary policy. Disciplinary matters in the workplace need to be dealt with promptly and confidently in order for employers to maintain control in the workplace.

Employers need to remember that the main purpose of a disciplinary is not to punish or reprimand an employee; the aim of a disciplinary is to identify any failings and ensure they are corrected in the right and appropriate manner.

An appropriate disciplinary policy should have clearly established guidelines in relation to the conduct, behaviour and performance of employees. A well designed and implemented disciplinary policy will also help employers to protect their business from unfair or constructive dismissal claims from employees.

No matter how big or small the events that have led to the need for the disciplinary process to be started, employers must take action in accordance with their disciplinary policy otherwise the employee in question may have grounds to take a claim to a tribunal.

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