Employment Contract

Quite often, an employment contract is the only formal documentation that exists between an employer and an employee. An employment contract is not something that is required by law when an employee starts work but a comprehensive employment contract could prove invaluable in protecting a business from an employee making a claim in a tribunal – an employment contract could also help an employer to protect their business from a situation, involving an employee, that could be harmful to the company.

It is an employer’s obligation to provide employees with a written statement, outlining the main responsibilities of the job role, within two months of an employee taking their position. A written statement for employees is just as important as an employment contract so it is vital that an employer seeks advice from a specialist solicitor if they need help with drafting any documentation for employees.

The highly trained legal team at Employment Law Solicitors has years of experience in drafting employment documentation on behalf of businesses in the UK. If your company would benefit from our legal expertise in drafting employment contracts or written statements, contact one of our expert solicitors today.

It is extremely important to remember that a badly drafted, unclear or ambiguous employment contract, whichis open to interpretation, could result in an employee making a claim against your business. Call the Employment Law team from Employment Law Solicitors firm now so that we can help you to protect your company from such a situation.