Compensation Claims

Every year MLS Employment Law Solicitors helps numerous employers deal with bullying and harassment issues in the workplace. We aim to provide a service to employers that will quickly and effectively resolve any employment issues relating to bullying and harassment.

Harassment is any unwanted conduct related to a protected characteristic. Actions designed to violate an employee’s dignity and create an intimidating, hostile, humiliating or offensive environment are classed as harassment.

It is an extremely good idea for employers to give workers a clear idea of the types of behaviour they will not accept in the workplace in order to avoid confusion amongst members of staff that do not see the difference between “banter” and direct harassment.
Bullying, in addition, can cause just as much misery to victims in the workplace. It is an employer’s duty to ensure that members of staff are protected from bullying and harassment whilst at work and, in some cases, outside of working hours.

Bullying and harassment are not just unacceptable for moral reasons; this type of behaviour, if left unchecked, can cause serious problems for a business that can lead to an incredibly dysfunctional workforce.

Employers have a “duty of care” towards all of their employees. You can fulfil a major part of your obligation by contacting MLS Employment Law Solicitors for specialist advice and training about bullying and harassment in the workplace. Our highly trained solicitors are here to help you avoid any unnecessary issues in the working environment that will cause disruption to your workforce.