Providing an employee with a staff handbook is important as it the required method of supplying workers with additional information relating to certain points in their contract.

A staff handbook, also known as an employee handbook, should relate to such items as the employers disciplinary and grievance procedures, appeals, maternity/paternity leave and pension schemes etc. Commercial Employment Law Solicitors would strongly recommend that employers provide members off staff with a handbook and, in addition, ask them to sign a declaration stating that they have read the contents.

A good staff handbook should cover every topic from use of alcohol in the workplace to bullying and harassment – an employer could be left vulnerable to a claim if an alleged code of conduct infraction is not noted in the handbook.

It is much better for an employer to be well prepared and plan ahead than to be open to all sorts of claims with little or no ability to defend themselves.

The experienced and knowledgeable Employment Law experts from Commercial Dispute Solicitors Firm will be able to help you draft the relevant documentation, and keep the necessary paperwork up to date, in order for you to offer your business the best protection from issues in the future.

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