A TUPE agreement is usually put in place to protect employees if the business in which they are employed changes hands. TUPE is the acronym that refers to the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations. This legislation is extremely complicated and employers can often encounter a number of problems in relation to this type of agreement.

The purpose of a TUPE agreement is to move employees, and any liabilities associated with them, from their existing employer to their new employer by operation of law. In order for an employer to protect their business from any claims, they need to understand:

When a TUPE agreement is likely to be applicable.
What the legal implications of TUPE are.
What they have to do to comply with the terms of a TUPE agreement.
What the penalties are for failing to comply with TUPE.
What steps they can take to protect their business from the effects of TUPE.

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